MDS Wealth Advisors was founded with the sole purpose of providing individuals, families and non-profit organizations independent fee based investment advice. We use mutual funds and exchange traded funds to develop an investment strategy that meets your long-term goals and risk tolerances.

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, our team will help you navigate your financial future. We understand that you have worked hard for many years to build a portfolio that will sustain your lifestyle through retirement. Together we will come up with a solution where we focus on protecting your nest egg, while growing your investments.

Our clients always come first. While we focus on Mutual Funds and ETFs, we have the flexibility to chose any investment vehicle for our clients’ portfolio. This policy allows us to align our interests with our clients and choose investments based on each client’s unique circumstances. Each and every client portfolio is tailored to meet very specific needs.

We look forward to building a long-lasting partnership with you and your family.