Commitment to Clients

ProsperityMDS Wealth Advisors was founded with the sole purpose of providing individuals, families and non-profit organizations independent fee-based investment advice. We use mutual funds and exchange-traded funds to develop an investment strategy that meets your long-term goals and risk tolerances.

MDS Wealth Advisors is committed to the following principals:

    • You can expect nothing less than complete honesty and reliability.
    • We will not implement an investment plan without thorough and detailed conversations. Choosing an investment advisor is an important decision that may significantly impact your financial comfort. It is a partnership and both parties must have a shared vision and mutual trust. We cannot create a plan without first learning about you, your family and your objectives.
    • You will not pay a fee until we have implemented an investment strategy that meets your expectations.
    • Our fees will be reasonable based upon the service we provide you.
    • You will always have direct access to the Chief Investment Officer. It is crucial that you speak personally to those people that are making investment decisions on your behalf. You will never be forced to speak to a salesperson.
    • You will find us available to speak to you at any time, including nights and weekends. We understand that issues arise that must be addressed immediately.
    • We will always act as your fiduciary and in your best interests. We do not view our services as solely a business; we will only work with those individuals, families, and organizations that we can adequately serve in a beneficial manner.
    • We will not accept payments from third parties, including mutual fund companies or custodians. Many financial advisors and brokers receive payment to place your assets in their investment products, which is often only disclosed in the fine print. We believe this is highly unethical and creates a conflict of interest. We serve as your fiduciary and you should never question whether an investment has been made in your best interest.
    • We are independent and are not affiliated with a bank, brokerage firm, or corporate organization. This allows us complete freedom to choose from thousands of investments products that best meet your objectives.