Frequently Asked Questions

When beginning a new relationship with an investment advisor, it is expected that you will have many questions. We are more than happy to address directly with you any questions or concerns that you may have, however, we have compiled a list of some common questions we often receive.

When I become a Client of MDS Wealth Advisors, does the account stay in my name?

Yes, your accounts will always remain at the custodian of your choice, in your name. We will simply be added to your accounts with Limited Authorization to make changes to the holdings on your behalf. At no time will we ever have access to withdraw funds directly from your accounts.

Will you liquidate my account and place my assets into a model?

We will never begin a relationship by “starting over”. You have spent countless hours managing and monitoring your investment portfolio. The first thing we do, even before a management relationship is established, is review your current investment portfolio and have a lengthy discussion about your goals and risk levels. While we review the portfolio, we will focus on each particular holding. After management is agreed upon, we will begin making adjustments to the account by identifying funds that are not performing to meet your needs and recommending funds to replace those, ensuring that they complement your overall portfolio.

How often am I informed as to what is happening with my accounts?

As a client of MDS Wealth Advisors, you will have access to a client account portal directly through our website. At any time you can log into your account and verify the activity, view your holdings, and see account balances. You will continue to receive your monthly or quarterly statements from the custodian. As your wealth adviser, we will send quarterly snapshots of your accounts. Of course, we are always here to speak with you about your accounts directly, so never hesitate to pick up the phone if you would like to have a direct conversation.

How do you bill for your services?

Our annual management fee is billed in advance on a quarterly basis. This can be paid via check or credit card. In some instances, we can deduct the management fee directly from a designated investment account.

How do I terminate your services?

If after we have exhausted all options to work with you and help manage your assets in a manner that you see fit, termination of our services is simple. For our records, we will ask for notification in writing that you wish to terminate our management contract. Once that is received in our office, we will take the proper steps to remove our Limited Authorization on any of your accounts directly with the custodian. Any advance quarterly fees paid for our services will be refunded to you prorated, as of the date of termination through the remainder of the quarter.